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Our World Will Never Be The Same

A new reality exists today. One so powerful, it can take simple thoughts and imaginings, and turn them into experiences that virtually live and breathe. It’s called Augmented Reality (AR). The fact that you’re here on this site means you’ve probably seen it. And you know that it is changing forever the way we discover, feel and socialize with the information around us. Balance Studios is at the forefront of AR’s development and has become a respected thought leader in its evolution.

“Ahead of the curve” is how clients describe us. And that’s exactly where we love to be. We’re not afraid to be challenged, pushed or made to face the unknown. Bring us your most difficult conundrums, craziest ideas and wildest dreams. We’ll find... or invent a way, to make them come true. We are continually improving and strengthening capabilities. We’re on top of the very latest technologies, invest deeply in R&D, stay hard wired to top technological leaders, and work tirelessly to develop the very best, most passionate talent in the world. The fact is, we love what we do and it shows.

As a QUALCOMM preferred developer, we are creating custom iOS and Android AR experiences for interactive museum exhibits, live events, sales and marketing campaigns, publications and books, direct mail and product packaging – and some of own ‘top secret’ innovations.

Don’t forget the importance of visual data analytics to validate ROI and user immersion. Here at Balance, we have developed an organic, proprietary analytics program that can be customized to fit your AR experience and campaign’s specific needs.

Partner with us to launch into this new playground of engagement, interactivity, and excitement.

Oh, and we do it all off-shore (of Lake Michigan that is).

What does it take to create AR?

Multiple disciplines are necessary in order to create a complete AR experience, and we are happy to report, we can provide you with them all in house.

As the needs of our customers evolve, so do our services. We're continually improving and strengthening our capabilities, taking advantage of the latest technologies, investing in R&D, keeping a steady relationship with top technological leaders, and developing the very best people with a passion for supporting your ideas and business.

We work directly with clients or with creative agencies in any needed capacity. From ideation and concept through App submission and promotions – to anything in between.

Our four step approach works to ensure fluid and informative collaboration and project development.

  • 1) Specification, Clarification & Prototype
  • 2) Design & Development
  • 3) Testing, Deployment & Launch
  • 4) Marketing Ideation, Analytics Integration & Strategy

Super Happy Clients

  • Pfizer
  • Carnegie Science Center
  • Cosentyx
  • MGA Entertainment
  • Pump It Up
  • Creation Museum
  • North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
  • Farm Rich
  • Milwaukee County Historical Society
  • Wisconsin Veterans Museum
  • SCA
  • Fun Brands
  • Optum Health

What Are Our AR Specialties?

  • Mobile Augmented Reality (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Live Events & Trade Shows
  • Direct Mailers & Catalogues
  • Promotional Games
  • Products, Promotional Merchandise & Packaging
  • Publications & Books
  • Kinect and Webcam-driven 'Magic-Mirror' AR (yes, like the National Geographic video)
  • AR back-end through SaaS, CMS and scalable cloud-server solutions
  • Scannable, e-Commerce Catalogues
  • Interactive Signage
  • Content Managed (CMS) Driven AR Apps
  • SLAM-mapped markerless AR
  • DIY Augmented Reality Publishing Platforms


Augmenting your reality, one awesome app at a time!


eh-are demo reel

MGA Entertainment: Bratz Dolls

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Bratz Superheroez Augmented Reality Prototype

  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/Photo_Apr_24,_10_36_31_AM_r.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_success.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_ar1.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_ar2.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_ar3.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_ar4.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_ar5.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_graphic.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_game1.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/bratz_game2.png
MGA Entertainment was searching for a way to incorporate new technology into one of their popular brands of dolls. Balance Studios was brought on to develop an Augmented Realty (AR) gaming prototype based on a Superhero theme. Utilizing AR technology, Balance Studios created an App that activates off of the 3ft doll included in each package. In this prototype concept, users experience magic as the doll’s gaming world overlays onto their own. They can explore the doll’s universe in their own bedroom. To activate the game and extended content, users place the doll on the image target graphic found on the back of the box. Each doll has their own gaming environment and super power in the game and the more dolls users own, the more characters they can play in the game!


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Cosentyx Augmented Reality Application

  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_01_img_2104_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_02_img_2107_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_03_img_2108_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_04_img_2111_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_05_img_2114_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_06_img_2148_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_07_img_2152_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_08_img_2164_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_09_img_2159_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/cosentyx_10_img_2160_lg.jpg

Novartis, makers of Cosentyx, a prescription medication for treating moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, was looking for a way for their trade show booth to stand out by offering a unique interactive experience to draw attention, while providing vital medical information in an easily digestible way. In partnership with Visual Alchemy, Balance Studios created an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that demonstrates the positive effect of Cosentyx on George, a male 3D AVATAR patient and Janet, a female 3D AVATAR patient suffering from severe plaque psoriasis.


Focusing on Cosentyx’s theme of “See Me,” Balance developed a clean interface, so the male and female patient would be the focus of user’s attention. When the user approaches the trade show booth, they see a male and female “invisible man” mannequin concept – where just the clothing is displayed. As visitors hold up the iPad to the clothing, George or Janet suddenly appear underneath “their” clothes and invite the visitors to truly “See” them. As visitors explore the male or female patient in the AR space, several hot spots appear on various parts of the body, encouraging them to explore deeper into the benefits of Cosentyx. When visitors tap on a hot spot, the selected psoriasis legion of actual patients display and users are able to slide between the before and after photos to examine the difference the medication makes for psoriasis sufferers. Detailed medical and drug information is provided with visual aids to provide a rounded experience that clearly shows Cosentyx’s edge over other psoriasis medications.


In addition to the traditional AR experience, Balance developed an off-target user interface. This allowed users greater flexibility in how to explore the ways Cosentyx can help reduce psoriasis legions.

Carnegie Science Center: Body Works Exhibit

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Skeleton Mirror

  • AR/skeleton_airport_lg.jpg
  • AR/20161013_181246_lg.jpg
  • AR/20161013_181224_lg.jpg
Download Case History
The Carnegie Science Center (Carnegie) is the most visited museum in Pittsburgh, with fully on hands-on and interactive learning. BodyWorks is the third facet of the BodyTech initiative, which allows visitors to interact hands-on and explore the different human systems. In addition to the permanent location at Carnegie, the BodyWorks exhibition travels to other institutions as a traveling exhibit. Carnegie commissioned Balance Studios to design and develop two gamified, edu-taining experiences that explore the human body in unique, interactive ways.

Utilizing Balance’s proprietary volumetric Augmented Reality platform, the ARena™, the Interactive Skeleton mirrors the visitor’s movements. The ARena™ platform is a combination of Augmented Reality and sensory technology creating an immersive experience connecting the player and their on-screen AVATAR.

As a visitor approaches, the sensor camera detects which of the three skeletons to display based on their height. As the visitor moves, their on-screen skeleton AVATAR simultaneously moves, replacing the movements as large as raising your arm to small movements like twisting your wrist. Visitors thought the experience was so real, a sign had to be installed saying this interactive is not a real X-ray machine!

The Skeleton Mirror also has a home at the Pittsburgh International Airport, allowing passengers dance, wave, or do the cancan and watch “their” skeleton move while waiting for their next flight.
“To the Team at Balance Studios – It was great working with you! The digital interactives you produced are delighting our guests; it is great to see generations of families engaged around these exhibit elements. Your group was easy to work with, enthusiastic about the possibilities, and very good at documenting, staying in touch and on schedule. We will certainly look to Balance Studios for future collaboration!”

~ Dennis Bateman, Director of Exhibit Experience, Carnegie Science Center

Fun Brands - BounceU Franchise: ColorMation

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ColorMation App

  • AR/Portfolio/ColorMation_Home.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_help5_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_card_bannerwfireworks_precolor2use_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_card_fireworksbanner_bw2use_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_card_closeupuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_hats_goodjob_bwuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_hats_motionuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/ColorMation_candle_goodjob)bwUSE.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_candle_bootyshakeuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_present_dance1_bwuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_present_stardance2use_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_cupcake_bwuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_cupcake_throwuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_cake_throw_bwuse_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_cake_throwuse2_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/colormation_cake_blowtopuse_lg.png
BounceU, a national family entertainment franchise, was ready to take their bounce-house birthday parties to an even higher level. Already rated one of Parents Magazine’s Best Birthday Party Places for Kids, BounceU wanted their birthday party guests to have the opportunity to expand their imagination, exploring the BounceU brand through a new format of interactive gaming.

Taking BounceU’s tagline “Where Birthdays Come to Life!” as the cue, Balance Studios used their proprietary platform, Augmented ARtwork, to design and develop ColorMation, a six experience Augmented Reality platform that would excite kids both in the store and at home.

When the guests enter the party room at a BounceU location, they are invited to color the Giant Coloring Card. Using the ColorMation App, one of two interactions begins. When the card is colored by the guests, they are invited to use the App to see their colorings come to life, turning their 2D colored images into full 3D animation. Children are invited to fire confetti cannons and ignite fireworks as the BounceU characters wish the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday in a bright, colorful animation. If the guests did not have time to color the card, a pre-colored animation begins with the same interactivity.

BounceU also offers five coloring pages to take home for all party guests. Each page includes one BounceU character that acts as the image target, activating different animations and games from the ColorMation App. The colored characters jump off the page and users are invited to interact within the gameplay.

- The Hats challenges users to figure out which hat has the hidden ball under it.

- The Candle pops up from the table and disappears, taunting users as they try to throw rings around him.

- The Gift lets users select awesome dance moves, moving and grooving to the music.

- The Cupcake throws globs of frosting where users tap.

- Users direct The Cake where to throw confetti bombs in the air.

In addition, the App offers a fully 3D animated DJ Mode, letting users have their own BounceU Dance Party at home! The App is enabled with social share buttons, allowing users to take pictures with their favorite BounceU Character and post to social networks.

Thank you so much for everything. You guys have been really, really great to work with. The product came out fantastic, and your commitment to quality was always on display. From concept development to ensuring the little details were wrapped up, your team has been top notch. I'm delighted at how everything turned out, and I'm very grateful that we selected Balance for this project.

I am confident this will turn into a long-standing relationship - between Balance and Fun Brands.

Thanks again. It's great to know that we have a relationship with a studio that I can trust to execute on future ideas.

Dustin Smith

Chief Creative Officer


Fun Brands

Solomon Colors: Brickform StampApp

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Brickform StampApp

  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_01_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_03_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_main.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_stamppattern.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_release1.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_takephoto.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_photoshare.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_favorites.png
  • AR/Portfolio/solomon_nonar_basecolor.png
Visit Weblink

Don’t you hate it when you envisioned your new backyard renovation to look more Pinterest but it comes out looking like low-end display model? That’s why when Solomon Colors wanted a great tool that both their sales team and customers could use to see their decorative concrete products in the real space, they had a tough challenge ahead of them.

As leaders of decorative concrete industry, Solomon Colors is already known for using technology to improve its products and services. Wanting to find a way to incorporate an advanced technology, they reached out to leaders in the augmented reality (AR) field, Balance Studios. Combining the innovative strength of Balance, the fantastic Solomon Colors and Brickform product lines, the Brickform StampApp revolutionizes the way homeowners, contractors, and architects design decorative landscapes.

Placing the image target in the actual space the user would like to add decorative concrete, the application activates the experience. Users are invited to select from popular base colors, stamp patterns, and release colors to create a custom concrete slab. As different colors and stamp patterns are selected, the custom slab changes before your eyes in the AR environment. Users can compare how different colors and patterns look next to their house siding, pool, or wherever they want to add the decorative concrete. Once they find color and pattern combinations they like, they save it to their favorites for reference.

The application offers the option to take a photo of the custom concrete slab in the AR environment and email it out to yourself. This is very helpful for the sales team to send favorite combinations to potential customers. The email contains a link to a branded one-page website with a downloadable PDF that contains the color and pattern names used in the concrete slab.

A database application stores the user submission information, as well as favorite combinations. This data can be exported to an Excel document for marketing purposes. In addition, Balance’s proprietary custom illumine dashboard displays vital analytical data.

In addition, the app uses Balance’s proprietary analytics software, illumine™ to track several pieces of data included number of unique downloads per platform, geographical information of usage, which base colors, stamp patterns, and release colors are most popular and more!

The multi-platform App is available for download in the App Store and Google Play for phone and tablet.

The mobile App received such positive feedback that Solomon opted to expand the offering by offering a version available on Windows. The StampApp for Windows features a unique design for the desktop viewing and expanded capabilities such as zooming and rotation of the slab. These features are set to be added to the mobile application as well.

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher: Right Whale Quest

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Right Whale Quest – Augmented Reality Experience - Channel 14 News North Carolina

  • AR/Portfolio/img_0371_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/img_0367_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/img_0370_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/img_0380_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/img_0388_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/nav_game_01_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/photo mar 03, 8 52 43 am_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/photo mar 03, 8 54 20 am_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/img_0375_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/rightwhale_kidatexhibit_3_lg.18.13.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/02_rightwhale_3kiosks_nopatrons_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/photo mar 03, 8 52 43 am_lg.jpg
Download Case History
The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher was awarded a grant to help increase awareness of the Right Whale and how marine life issues, such as: global climate change, shipping, run-off waste and entrapment endanger the existence of the Right Whale. As there are only 450 Right Whales left in the world, the journey to alert and inform patrons is critical. To engage and intrigue their patrons in a new and innovative way, the Aquarium chose to tell this story through an Augmented Reality (AR) edu-tainment gaming experience.

Balance Studios was commissioned to design and develop a five-level AR game experience that immerses the visitor into the game-play by putting them in the position of an actual NOAA researcher where they are guided through completing important tasks that depict the challenges of the Right Whale, with the end goal of saving Calvin and Calvin’s calf. From photo taking, to matching whale callosity patterns, to navigating ships and freeing an entangled whale, the visitor experiences what researchers and a Right Whale experience  during the course of their lifetime.

Outside of creating this robust  multi-dimensional gaming levels in AR space that includes scoring, animated cinematics, and a final test of the patron’s knowledge, a very unique component of this AR experience is that the game begins with taking a picture of the patron and mapping  
their face on various areas throughout the gameplay: Researcher ID badge,  onto the face of 3D researcher AVATARS, and in the closing scene where a ‘photo’ is taken of them with Calvin and her calf and emailed directly to the visitor.

In addition to the Augmented Reality experience, Balance designed and developed the unique AR kiosk cabinetry to match the exhibit look and feel. This included a custom iPad enclosure attached to fulcrum arm, WI-FI connectivity allowing for automated image target switch-outs to advance to the next game level, email capabilities, and patron data capture.

The exhibit opened with great success on Saturday March 2, 2013 during the aquarium’s annual Whale of a Weekend Event.
Services Included:
  • Concept to Completion
  • 3D Characters & Animation
  • 3D Environments & Props
  • Image Target Designs
  • Game Development
  • GUI Design
  • Attract Video Design and Development
  • App & Game Programming
  • Sound Design
  • Database and Custom Content Management System Development
  • Help Screens & Video Design and Development
  • App Icon/Loading Screen Design
  • Exhibit & Cabinetry Design
  • iPad Case & Arm Design
  • Website Design and Development

Believe Animation: Rocks In My Socks

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Rocks In My Socks: Children’s Story Book with 3D Augmented Reality Activities

  • AR/Portfolio/img_aboutbook_1_lg.jpg
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_Storytime.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_ShadowMatch.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_GreatJob.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_GracieDance2.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_HatMatch.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_Congratulations.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_Riddle3.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_Music2.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_Favorite1.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_SockMatch.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RIS_SportsMatch.PNG
Download Case History
Rocks In My Socks is one of the first children’s book produced on an international level, that integrates interactive Augmented Reality (AR) activities. Because of its unique nature, the book made the special awards short-list for Most Innovative Use of Augmented Reality at the 2012 Augmented Reality Summit in the UK.

Rocks In My Socks is the story of Gracie, an adorable pint-sized pink triceratops, who learns about acceptance through some unexpected visitors that show up in her favorite pink and white striped socks.

This unique book combines an endearing story and characters with games and activities to further engage and excite its readers.

There are 13 activities that can be played manually with colors, markers, or pencils. Learn about colors, matching, recognition, colors and music associations, and even some of Gracie’s favorite dance moves. But, for extra added excitement, 8 of the games integrate Augmented Reality where the activities jump right off the page with animation, sound, and game play...It’ s a book like nothing you have experienced before!

Please see to view videos of the AR games. 
Services Included:
  • Concept to Completion
  • Story Creation
  • Character Concept & Design
  • Book Layout & Design
  • Image Target Design –Book Pages
  • Gaming Level Design & Mechanics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Sound Design
  • GUI Design
  • App & Game Programming
  • App Icon/Loading Screen Design
  • design & development

Creation Museum: Insectorium Prehistoric Dragonfly

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Insectorium: A Pre-Historic Dragonfly

  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_open.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/Dragonfly_home_r.PNG
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_instruction.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_breakingout1.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_flying.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_003.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_004.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_006.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/dragonfly_002.png
The Creation Museum was opening a new permanent exhibit- Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium. Needing a unique exhibit concept, they turned to Balance Studios for their expertise in Augmented Reality (AR). Instead of using a standard printed image target, Balance Studios used SLAM mapping and the fossil itself as the AR trigger.

Using an iPad tether by a custom mobile arm in the exhibit, visitors are invited to experience an enormous prehistoric dragonfly. To demonstrate this, the main screen displays a size chart to demonstrate the difference in size of a human adult and the prehistoric dragonfly. As visitors point the device at the life-size prehistoric fossil, a photo-real 3D dragonfly break out of its fossilized state. Users can then move in as close as they want to view intricate details and hear the sounds. They can also move around the dragonfly to see different angles.

South Carolina Aquarium: Turtle Triage

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Turtle Triage Augmented Reality iPad Application

  • AR/Portfolio/01_sca_triage_islandconnectionnews_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/02_sca_triage_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/03_sca_triage_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/04_sca_triage_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/05_sca_triage_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/06_sca_triage_lg.jpg

The South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center at the South Carolina Aquarium (SCA) works to rescue, rehabilitate and release sea turtles that become stranded or injured along the region’s coast. In order to feature the amazing work at the Care Center, SCA added the Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery Center. Balance Studios partnered with PGAV and Design Island to create three unique experiences to invigorate the new Recovery Center - the Donation Station Touch-Screen Application, The Turtle Patient Board Touch-Screen Applications, and the Turtle Triage Augmented Reality iPad Application.

Balance Studios created three Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that allow visitors to get an up-close look at what happens when turtles are brought into the triage center, as well as engage them to have a deeper respect for the ocean and sea turtles. Utilizing the magic of AR, the Care Center is able to provide a more immersive experience than the physical behind-the-scenes tour, due to the limitation of contact with injured and sick turtles. AR also helps visitors experience each scenario in an up-close, hands-on method, which helps them understand the important role the Care Center plays in saving these turtles.

The Turtle Triage AR Experience provides an immersive and comprehensive understanding with an incredible amount of scientific information presented in an easily digested, gamified format. Each AR experience activates off one of three different life-size turtle species replica models - Loggerhead, Kemps Ridley, and Green. Upon activation, the turtle comes to life, with the experience overlaying a magical look into the internal skeleton and workings of the turtle.

The App randomly selects from three potential diagnoses, allowing visitors an exclusive experience with each visit. With each experience, the visitor becomes the doctor and is guided through a full exam including identifying the turtle, taking the turtle’s temperature, checking for hitchhikers and injuries, X-rays, and blood tests. Once the virtual exam is completed, the visitor is provided a full review of what was found during the exam and is asked to select the diagnosis based on their review.


Images courtesy of Design Island, SouthCarolinaETV, Island Connection News, Miss Murtle the Talkin' Turtle, and WCBD News 2. 

Balance Studios, Inc.: Christmas cARd

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Augmented Reality Christmas cARd

  • AR/Portfolio/cARd_recordhead_r.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_help.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_home.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_align.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_yeti.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_music.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_wave.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_snow.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_recordingcountdown.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_review.png
  • AR/Portfolio/card_share.png
For the Christmas season, Balance Studios wanted to create an exciting and fun way to celebrate the season. Instead of mailing the same old Christmas cards that get thrown in the trash. Balance decided to use their proprietary platform, Augmented ARtwork, to design and develop a Christmas cARd like no other!

Have you ever wanted to be a Director? Well here’s your chance to be the Director of your own personalized Christmas music video through the magical realm, Augmented Reality.

Using the Christmas cARd received in the mail or by downloading the card at, users activate a personalized Christmas Music Video experience by becoming a beloved Christmas character.

Users can take a selfie or upload their favorite picture to become Santa, Santa’s Elf, a Snowman, or Yeti. Then they are invited to customize the full experience by selecting a groovy Christmas tune, a jiggy dance move, and even add in props to make the video complete. By hitting RECORD, users start the countdown to directing their own 30-second Christmas Video to Share with friends and family.

Because nothing says Christmas like a Snowman with your face doing a Swing Dance!

Users are then invited to share their video via email or the social network or their choice. In-App Help menus offer assistance with the app and specific Augmented Reality Christmas cARd App experiences.

The website,, was created to offer a place to download the image target, find more information about the App, and access detailed help instructions and videos.

Impellia: Sports Technology Suite

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Technology Suite Augmented Reality Application

  • AR/Portfolio/impellia_06_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/02_impellia_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/03_impellia_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/04_impellia_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/05_Impellia.jpg

Impellia is developing a sports technology suite using sensor-based technology that provides sports medicine professionals and athletes with the ability to quantify and monitor performance. Developed with former NFL quarterback, Charlie Batch, Impellia understands the importance of accurate sports medicine data analytics in the prevention of sports injuries and performance enhancement. Being on the edge of technology, Impellia reached out to Balance Studios for their understanding of the latest and greatest technology, data visualization, full corporate and product visual brand development, and an Augmented Reality (AR) application to display how the Impellia technology suite benefits athletes and sports medicine professionals alike.

Engaging in the AR demonstration, users tap into the preferred technology: JROMS, Pivot, Strikefoot, fuel Fwd, Fitwon, and Prairi to see the performance metrics of a specific athlete. For example, if selecting JROMS, the avatar matching the athlete’s movement is shown performing a task, such as jumping or doing squats. The performance metrics, taken using sensor-based technology, show if the athlete is performing the movement with incorrect form and if they are increasing their risk of injury. Then the user can see the proper form and how it will decrease their risk.

In real-time, trainers view easy to understand data visualization of the athlete’s performance and can determine if they are at an increased risk for injury and tailor workout programs to match their individual needs.

With an increase in awareness of long-term effects of sports injuries and rehabilitation, the development of this software works to prevent career-ending injuries and provide vital metrics for athletes to perform at the top of their game.

Believe Animation: Clique

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  • AR/Portfolio/photo jan 18, 12 48 59 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo jan 18, 12 49 05 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo jan 18, 12 50 03 pm_lg.png
Download Case History
What better way to introduce a new and up-and-coming children’s animation brand to the world at MIP Junior, the international showcase for children's and youth programming in Cannes, France, than to do it in an eye-catching, dynamic, innovative pitch from the main character herself!

‘Clique’, created for Tweens, showcases Connie Cortbine, a popular tweenage drama queen, going through the hormones of life, who must wrestle with her oppressive complexion, Viking brother and totally un-cool school kids. Her character and personality are quite unique and are brought to life through a new Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

When actuating the AR from the image target, a 3D Connie emerges from her small beach cottage surrounded by rolling beach balls, to begin her monologue in her drama queen style. To add to the already unique experience, Connie locks her gaze on the user - talking directly to them – no matter where they move, Connie follows.

The piece was successful for Believe Animation as they have received recognition and interest in their ‘Clique’ property by world-wide broadcasters and prospective partners.

To see the pilot episode, please visit:
Services Included:
  • Concept to Completion
  • Scripting
  • Character Concept & Design
  • Image Target Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Sound Design
  • App Programming
  • App Icon/Loading Screen Design

Fun Brands - Pump It Up Franchise: Imagination Zone

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Imagination Zone Gaming System

  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/IZ_001.jpg
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/IZ_003.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/20150429_161845.jpg
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/BallBash_002.jpg
  • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/Faces.jpg
Imagination lies just beyond reason in the endless space of possibility. Embracing the challenge of creating a space when children can see their imagination at play by blending reality and virtual reality, Fun Brand’s, an international family entertainment enterprise, approached Balance Studios to create a new gaming systems based on Balance’s proprietary volumetric Augmented Reality gaming platform ARena.

The result?!?! Imagination Zone!

Imagination Zone is a new, imaginative Augmented Reality gaming system that immerses kids within a live, motion-enabled, 360-degree gaming experience where they physically interact with the game, the characters, and environment. There are no special glasses, printed images or mobile devices required. Instead, players see themselves, on a large, high-resolution video display where the custom designed and 3D animated games get the kids moving and grooving all while interacting with each other and the virtual world.

The gaming system lets players bash balloons, tag a triceratops, and dance with some dazzling flamingos. To make the gaming experience the best it can be from purchase to play, Balance created the entire gaming platform, all games, customizable game management queue and an integrated website account system, which all sync together, allowing franchise owners to purchase games directly from the gaming platform. The gaming system comes with the capability to purchase any of the five games directly from the system or by logging into the owner account at

Oh-and as exciting – the Dinosaur and Flamingo game characters are licensed from Balance Studios’ partner company Believe Animation!
The Imagination Zone Library currently consists of 5 games with expandability on the horizon.

Dino Ball Bash:a three-level game, allowing up to four players. Players stand in their designated colored lanes, working to pop as many colored balloons and bubbles as they can in the allotted time. Pop the star to get STAR POWER extra points. The player with the highest score wins!

Dino Tag: up to three players compete for the highest score. Players select which dino they want to tag and when their dino pops up out of its hole, the players run to tag it. The score board tracks how many times each dino is tagged. For the Grand Finale – The dino tagged the most will b displayed as an animated gold star, wearing “hero” to celebrate the win.

Dino Band Jam: Have a blast jamming along with the Dino Sorin' band, in Dino Band Jam, as magical objects and instruments appear and disappear. And…watch for the spectacular, fun, and unexpected, rainbow explosions and more!

Flamingo Sports Mania: is a multi-level gaming experience. Players enter their designated colored lane and work to kick, slap, and hit the various beach balls and soccer balls the Fantastic Flamingos toss. When the tee’d up football appears, players can kick it for extra points.

Flamingo Dance Party: combines the original Simon game, where players have to match color combinations as the game-play and speed progresses, and the moves and grooves of dances from multiple eras. This 3-level Augmented Reality game has entertaining and uber recognizable party music themes from the 1950s, 1980s, and 1990s. The Fantastic Flamingoes demonstrate the dance moves and then the players replicate the moves and color combinations themselves. As each level progresses, the Flamingo’s dance combinations speed up and change to increase the challenge and excitement

Peabody Essex Museum: Queen Mary AR App

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Queen Mary Augmented Reality iPad App

  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_attract_lg.jpeg
  • AR/Portfolio/02_peabody _lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/03_peabody_coasttocoast_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/05_peabody_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_infoscreen_lg.jpeg
  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_lifts2_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_kitchen1_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_kitchen2_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/peabody_garage_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/01_peabody_apnews_lg.jpeg

When the Peabody Essex Museum (Peabody) was ideating their Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed and Style exhibition, they knew they had to include the magnificent RMS Queen Mary. The art deco ocean liner was the forefront of technology and an icon of modern design for its era. Peabody wanted the concept of innovation and technology to shine for the Queen Mary by using some of today’s latest technology with the Queen Mary Augmented Reality App. 

As the Queen Mary was a showcase of luxury, social sophistication, and technology, the selection of Augmented Reality (AR) offered a perfect solution to replicate the feeling of passengers in the 1930s. The experience activates directly off of a 12-ft. physical model of the Queen Mary ocean liner. The object tracking allowed the application to superimpose the digital environment directly over the physical model, providing a deep exploration into the whole system of operations and interiors as they existed back in the mid-1930s. Each intricately constructed room features its own personality, blending engineering and social spaces.

Visitors approach the Queen Mary miniature model where three iPads offer unique views and experiences to explore the world aboard the ocean liner. Visitors select one of the hotspots and watch as they are immersed into the ship. Each hotspot provides additional views and information with photo-real 3D rooms from the 1930s ocean liner, images from both past and present, animation and 360º views of the rooms today at the Queen Mary Historic Long Beach Hotel. Emerging from their trip through time, visitors can select another hotspot or continue to watch as our favorite miniature passengers traverse about the ship.


Images courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, AP News, and Coast to Coast. 

Blue Star Group - Selig Properties: Chapman Green

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Chapman Green Augmented Reality Application

  • Interactive/Portfolio/img_0360.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_02.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_03.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_04.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_05.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_06.png
  • Interactive/Portfolio/chapman_07.png
Wanting to wow potential buyers of the Chapman Green Luxury Apartment, BlueStar Group & Selig Properties of Sydney, Australia approached Balance Studios for their Augmented Reality expertise. Utilizing Augmented Reality (AR), property hunters world-wide can see properties without spending hours on a plane. Combining three traditional marketing tools in the form of two sizes of billboards and a brochure magazine with the innovative and experiential creating technology, Augmented Reality, results in a fully engaging and immersive experience like none other.

The Chapman Green Luxury Apartments offer one, two, and three-bedrooms, with the penthouse apartments offering gorgeous views of the city. The luxury apartments are currently under construction, but property hunters don’t have to wait to experience the spacious layouts and feel what it is like to live at Chapman Green.

The App activates off of any of the three traditional marketing tools.

1) When activated off of the Chapman Green image target found in the beautifully designed and oversized brochure magazine, users watch in amazement as the apartment building and surrounding ground build up in photo real 3-D. Users can view the exterior and grounds, with the option of entering into a two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or penthouse apartment. Once “entering” the selected AR apartment experience, users are no longer tethered to the printed image target brochure and can move around their own environment and the AR apartment space freely without losing the experience. To enhance the interior apartment AR experiences, users are able to seamlessly move through the apartment space by either tapping a hot-spot found in the various rooms or by launching the ‘quick move’ floorplan displaying the tappable hotspots in their respective rooms.

2) Smaller sized billboards are located in train stations, featuring the Chapman Green Luxury Apartments. When activated, the App displays the front entrance to the apartment building in photo-real 3D. The front doors open and the real – life salesperson emerges from the building telling the potential buyers about these stunning apartments. The App also allows users to easily obtain more information with a click to call button and a form they can fill out to express interest.

3) For the potential buyers seeking a closer look at the neighborhood amenities, the App can be activated off of a full-sized billboard located at the construction site. Once activated, they watch the full apartment complex building from the ground up in photo-real 3D to it’s actualize size in-situ, or in its natural environment. Capitalizing on the functionality found in the brochure experience, users can click on the penthouse balcony hotspot and find themselves several stories high, overlooking the neighborhood. No longer tethered to the image target, they can take in the superb views using the gyro function of camera-enabled device or go back to the ground to explore the exterior of the building more.

Wisconsin Veterans Museum: WWII Trench

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WWI Trench Augmented Reality Experience

  • AR/Portfolio/img_trench2_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/img_trench1_lg.jpg
  • AR/Portfolio/photo oct 05, 4 30 40 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo oct 05, 4 32 25 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo oct 05, 4 34 40 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo oct 05, 4 35 51 pm_lg.png
  • AR/Portfolio/photo oct 29, 9 24 59 am_lg.png
Download Case History
The Wisconsin Veterans Museum was embarking on a journey to enhance their current exhibit space but was not in the position to undergo large scale construction modifications or exhibit moves. Balance Studios proposed an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) concept to enhance and extend the current exhibit’s stories with limited modifications to the existing set up and visitor flow. Integrating AR into the WWI Trench exhibit provides a venue to engage and immerse their visitors into trench warfare in a way that had not been created before.

The main exhibit development goals were: Create an experience that provides an understanding of the trench and air warfare, its impact, and the story of five WI soldiers’ experience who fought in WWI; Enhance and extend the exhibit’s story and information while maintaining the historical integrity of the objects, story, and exhibit display; Visitor engagement through historical facts, information, and interactive game play; Utilizing a minimal amount of real estate for the Augmented Reality integration; AR experience mobility – simply by using the image target and an iPad the exhibit can go anywhere.

The exhibit tells the story of five WWI Wisconsin Veterans – two pilots and three ground soldiers. Using photos, letters and diary entries from their museum archive collection, Balance was able to replicate each soldier’s story and environment, while also using historic photos to create photo-real 3D replicas of tanks, guns, planes and cannons. Museum patrons select a solider to hear their story with a voice over reading an actual letter, explore the Augmented Reality environments, read biographies and information about the historic artifacts used in WWI, and see historic photos and videos showcasing how the artifacts worked. The entire application experience is connected to a spectator screen, allowing a large group to experience the exhibit at once.

A feature unique to this AR experience is that the ground soldiers were filmed using re-enactors dressed in actual WWI uniforms shot on a green screen. This live action film footage was seamlessly placed into each ground level environment making this Augmented Reality Application truly one of a kind.
Services Included:
  • Concept Boards and Script
  • Green Screen Film Shoot
  • Attract Video Design and Development
  • 3D Environment & Prop Creation
  • Image Target Design
  • GUI Design
  • App Programming
  • Voice Over & Sound Design
  • Help Screens, Poster & Video Design and Development
  • App Icon/Loading Screen Design
  • Custom Exhibit & Cabinetry Design with iPad Case & Arm Design

    Axalta Coating Systems

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    Augmented Reality iPad Application

    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_attract_lg.png
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_mainmenu_lg.png
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_selectanindustry_lg.png
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_marine_coat3_lg.png
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_marine_final_lg.png
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_objecttrack_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/axalta_modelkit2_lg.jpg

    As a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, Axalta Coating Systems (Axalta) is always on the edge of technology to provide their customers with the best products created and coated with the best technology available. The Hendricks Motorsports Campus, located in Concord, NC, houses some of the finest automotive technology and expertise.

    Axalta built their Customer Experience Center on the campus, boasting two world-class paint application centers, a collaborative mixing lab, and an exhibit lobby where visitors can witness the breadth and depth of Axalta’s coating systems and technology. Partnering with experiential experts, Group Delphi, and leaders in Augmented Reality, Balance Studios, they created an interactive model kit that let visitors get up close and personal with their coatings. The opening of the Customer Experience Center was broadcasted by ESPN, with special guests such as Jeff Gordon, Rock Hendrick, and Axalta Chairman and CEO, Michael Carr. Balance attended the event, showcasing Axalta’s innovative coatings through the innovation of the AR App.

    The large-scale model kit featuring industries that Axalta excels in – transportation, construction, emergency and recreational vehicles. Two iPads, one found on each side of the model kit, allows visitors to interact with the experience from either side. Using the Axalta app, visitors activate the experience off of the model kit and the magic begins. Photo real 3D models of a yacht, train, dump truck, fire truck and semi appear in place of the physical model in AR space.

    By selecting an industry, a short animation begins showcasing the different Axalta products used in that industry. During the animation, the visitor is able to move around and closer to the model kit to see additional details. Educational details about each paint coat appeared in the application. If visitors did not want to activate off of the model kit, a secondary experience was available to investigate the coatings for each industry.


    *Note: Balance Studios did not create the video but is using it to show our part to the facility development: Interactive Lobby Experience

    So Cal Gas Company

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    So Cal Gas Company Augmented Reality iPad App

    • AR/Portfolio/socalgasco_ar_house_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/socalgasco_outside2_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/socalgas_booth2_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/socalgasco_housetopdown_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/socalgasco_users_lg.png
    As one of the leading experience design firms in the industry, Group Delphi knows the power of innovation and creativity. When So Cal Gas Company was preparing for the Greenbuild trade show, they wanted an experience that showcased several energy-saving ideas and possibilities for gas appliances throughout a home with an interactive application. Group Delphi turned to Balance Studios, a leader in the Augmented Reality, to bring the technology-forward company an experience that would excite trade show visitors.

    Tradeshow attendees are invited to the So Cal Gas Company booth and see a table with four iPads mounted. The attendee activates the experience and are encapsulated as the house builds before their eyes on the iPad. Selecting one of seven AR activated areas, they are immersed in the AR house to explore the opportunities to incorporate gas appliances and energy saving techniques into their house.

    Each area includes photo-real 3D models of actual appliances, as well as hot spots for additional information. Tapping on a hotspot loads information about the gas appliances found in that room and images. The AR App provides great information on energy and the company’s capabilities in a fun and engaging way.

    Rich Foods: Farm Rich Brand

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    Farm Rich Trade and Marketing

    • AR/Portfolio/photo jan 18, 12 44 12 pm_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_rich_foods1_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_rich_foods2_lg.jpg
    Download Case History
    Farm Rich, a division of Rich Products Corporation, one of the world’s largest family-owned food companies and a leading global supplier to the foodservice for, in-store bakery, retail and industrial marketplaces, needed a new way to effectively demonstrate their multi-faceted sales and marketing plans.

    The challenge with their standard print materials was three-fold: one, that it was very difficult to show how one medium interconnected with the multiple media touch points found in today’s ever-expanding marketing platforms of communication; two, each year by the time the materials were printed – there were changes or updates where additional print and/or reprints were needed; and three, their sales team and broker agents preferred to create custom presentation plans which was difficult with the printed materials.

    Balance Studios was commissioned to concept and design a creative and secure method to present the sales and marketing plans, while also ensuring the concept reflected and enhanced the company’s innovative  reputation.

    The Solution: A password protected, Augmented Reality Application that houses all of the sales and marketing materials and information: video, audio, documents, images, .pdfs, links to mobile and online content. The content and information can be updated in real time, on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world at any time – with the integrated Custom Content Management System - all actuated off on one, 4” x 4” image target. Not only does this application remove the need for printed materials and reprints, but also allows the sales reps and broker agents to customize their presentations based on the specific client.

    The Farm Rich Augmented Realty Sales & Marketing App has saved Farm Rich hundreds of thousands in printing and shipping costs and, in the words of a Farm Rich Broker Agent, “Balance and Farm Rich actually found a way to make food service sexy...I didn’t think that was possible.”
    Services Included:
    • From Concept to Delivery
    • 3D Icon Concept and Creation
    • Image Target Design
    • GUI Design
    • App Programming
    • Database Creation & Programming
    • Custom Content Management System
    • Log In System
    • Help Screen Creation
    • Asset Storage
    • App Icon/Loading Screen Design
    • iPad Case Design

    Group Delphi: EXHIBITORLIVE

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    EXHIBITORLIVE Trade Show Booth Augmented Reality Experience

    • AR/Portfolio/exhibitor_01_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/exhibitor_03_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/exhibitor_06_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/exhibitor_googlecardboard_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/exhibitor_07_lg.jpg
    Group Delphi is a renowned creator of trade show displays, museum exhibits, and retail pop ups, working with global brands and museums for nearly 3 decades. For the EXHIBITORLive 2016 Trade Show, they knew they had to bring something extra special to the table. Falling in love with the magic of Augmented Reality (AR), they turned to a leader in the world of AR, Balance Studios.

    Knowing that there are many snares set to prevent success, Group Delphi aptly selected It’s a Jungle Out There as the theme for their booth. Balance Studios took the idea and created an AR world. Trade show attendees use a Google Cardboard headset to activate one of three AR experiences from various signs in the Group Delphi booth.

    In each experience, the fabricated jungle comes to life to showcase a friendly panda rolling around while eating bamboo, colorful flowers blooming, and a hummingbird flitting about, in a luminescent fantastical world. By putting on the Google Cardboard headset, attendees are transported away from the hustle and bustle of the trade show into a magical 3D jungle full of color and excitement.

    The experience was such a hit that the Group Delphi booth was one of the most popular at the show!

    Port Washington Historical Society: Port Explorium

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    Fish Daze

    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/Fish_Daze_r.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvasiveScreen.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/screenGrabs_02.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/screenGrabs_04.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/screenGrabs_06.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/HighScoreScreen.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/IMG_2576.JPG
    The Port Washington Historical Society was renovating a historical building to create a new history museum, The Port Exploreum, and wanted to include several interactive exhibits that would truly bring the local history to life. Wanting each corner to be a new step into a fantastical world of interactivity and lead visitors’ minds to wonder with every exhibit, the Port Exploreum and Balance Studios blended new and old with new technology and fantastic videos, photos, and stories from Port Washington’s past.

    Taking history and learning to the next level, Balance pitched an idea based on some of the newest innovations and technology that have great impact on learning and education…Augmented Reality.
    Combining 3D animation, gaming mechanics with Balance Studios’ proprietary volumetric Augmented Reality platform, ARena, Fish Daze emerged.

    Fish Daze is a 4 level, edu-tainment gaming system made for 1 or 2 players, that challenges the players to sort fish based on their species: sport fish, invasive fish, and pollution using their hands to grab the digital fish and place it in the correct bin. The ultimate goal is to teach visitors about Lake Ecology and what species are found native to Lake Michigan.

    South Carolina State Parks

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    Caesars Head State Park Binocular Application

    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/SCParks_Binoculars_Screenshot_home_r.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/scparks_binoculars_screenshot_greenville.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/scparks_binoculars_screenshot_view.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/scparks_binoculars_screenshot_tablerock.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/scparks_binoculars_screenshot_ravencliffbutterfly.png
    Balance Studio created three interactives for the South Carolina State Museum’s new State Parks exhibition. Experiencing the grand views of Caesars Head State Park in South Carolina is not a sight to be missed. Using the park’s binoculars to gaze out upon the beautiful expanse is nothing short of breathtaking. Hoping to make the experience even more memorable, South Carolina State Parks, along with Split Rock Studios, asked Balance Studios to create a ‘virtual” binocular application that provides visitors with expanded content and the ability to view the region, no matter the weather, in all its glory.

    When a visitor approaches the ‘virtual’ binoculars, they are able to look inside and navigate at their own pace around an image of Caesars Head. As visitors move the viewfinder to explore the area, extra content appears to highlight markers with extended content about the specific sights.

    Monte Vista Christian School: Open House

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    MVCS NOW! Open House Brochure

    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_open.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/MVCS_home_r.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_instructions.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_instructions2.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvc_welcome.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_academics.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_arts.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_athleticsbuild.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_athletics2.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/mvcs_faith.png
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/1_4 girls-greenscreen_lg.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/2_group-reivewing-greenscreen_lg.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/3_all-wallaby_lg.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/4_oening gifts_lg.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/5_cheesehats-outside building_lg.jpg
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/6_packer game_lg.jpeg
    Monte Vista Christian School (MVCS) stands out in many ways as a premier college preparatory Christian School. The school continually works to be the first to integrate the latest technology, so working with experts in the Augmented Reality (AR) field was the obvious choice. Balance Studios was commissioned to create an Augmented Reality App that would work marketing brochures but also built with expandability for future AR endeavors. The result was MVCS NOW!

    The Open House Brochure, the first of an ongoing series of AR brochures that promotes the school and the conferences held at the school, allows users to enter the world of Monte Vista Christian School through AR technology. This brochure provides a first glimpse into the 4 pillars of this extraordinary school: Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Faith, straight from the from the students themselves.

    To create the experience, MVCS students, head master, and one adventurous parent journeyed from Silicon Valley to visit our Green Bay studio where we filmed the students on Green Screen- each student representing one of the 4 pillars.

    The film footage combined with 3D animation and AR magic was an exciting SUCCESS as the open-house registration was filled up in a matter of days after the brochure mailing!

    Oh and wasn’t all just work – there is always time to play. While they were here, Balance Studios gave them the full Green Bay experience with Green Bay Packer paraphernalia, including t-shirts, beads, and of course, the infamous Cheese heads, for the Packer game they were able to catch while in town.

    Milwaukee County Historical Society: Alan Kulwicki Tribute

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    Car Photo Opp and Time Trials Augmented Reality Game

    • AR/Portfolio/img_4798_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_4802_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_0174_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_0183_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_0191_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/img_0305_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/photo mar 27, 8 19 55 pm_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/grandopening_timetrials_wide_lg.jpg
    • AR/Portfolio/med-shotofkiosk_goodar_lg.jpg

    The Milwaukee County Historical Society (MCHS) needed help telling the story of Alan Kulwicki, a NASCAR driver from the Milwaukee area who was the first owner-driver with a college degree in engineering. Balance helped create the full museum design and development experience in partnership with the historical society. The full development included: full branding, press kit, merchandise, Augmented Reality fundraising and promotional tools, mobile race day booth design, crown-funding website, and the full multi-media exhibit components: layout, banners, wall murals, documentaries, touch-screen kiosks, and Augmented Reality games.


    Alan Kulwicki’s Car Photo Opp

    As a means to create a new and unique experience working to capture the attention of event patrons, ignite the ‘buzz’ of the upcoming exhibit, working to capture patrons email for future marketing and promotions, and ultimately to support the exhibit FANfunding (crowd funding) efforts, Balance created an Augmented Reality experience where patrons were able to take their photo with Alan’s life sized #7 car-virtually of course. Shortly afterwards, each person received a custom designed e-newsletter with a link to their photo found on the exhibit website.

    Time Trials Augmented Reality Game

    Utilizing the Time Trials Augmented Reality Racing game concept previously created for the MCHS fundraising drive, Balance Studios updated the visual and gaming experience to work seamlessly into the custom design to design/construct two mobile Augmented Reality kiosk gameplay stations. MCHS plans on expanding the App to include multiple players racing, as well as the selection of different cars and tracks in the future.


    The integration of AR experience is one facet of the full museum design and development experience Balance created in partnership with historical society. The comprehensive development included: full branding, press kit, merchandise, Augmented Reality fundraising and promotional tools, mobile race day booth design, crowd-funding website, and the full multi-media exhibit components: layout, banners, wall murals, documentaries, touch-screen technology, Augmented Reality games, and physical kiosk concepts, design, and construction.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to again offer our enthusiastic thanks for the honor of working with you and your talented team on our new multi-media exhibit, Alan Kulwicki: A Champion’s Story. From our first meeting, we were impressed with your passion for sharing Alan’s story, your creativity in developing a plan for doing so, and with the obvious and sincere respect, humbleness, and pride you displayed in telling such an inspirational, but also sad story. Your work was truly exemplary and the success of this effort is in large part due to your tremendous talents.

    I look forward to staying in touch and hope we are privileged to work with you again in the future. Thanks!”

    Scott Stroh, Executive Director – Milwaukee County Historical Society

    Believe Animation: Rock Launcher

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    Rocks In My Socks Rock Launcher

    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RockLauncher1.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/RockLauncher2.PNG
    Rock Launcher is a free AR game used to introduce folks to the new AR technology and to help promote Rocks In My Socks, one of the first children’s storybooks with interactive Augmented Reality games.

    Just go to to download and print the image target and to Apple’s iTunes store to download the free Rocks In My Socks App.
    Services Included:
    • Concept to Completion
    • Game Concept Boards
    • Flow Charts and Architecture
    • Character Concept & Design
    • Image Target Design
    • Gaming Level Design & Mechanics
    • 3D Modeling
    • Texturing
    • Rigging
    • 3D Character Animation
    • Sound Design
    • GUI Design
    • App & Game Programming
    • App Icon/Loading Screen Design
    • design & development
    • App Submission

    SCA: InvadAR

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    InvadAR Augmented Reality Game

    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvadAR_start.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvadAR_game.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvadAR_game2.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvadAR_game3.PNG
    • Interactive/Portfolio/2015/InvadAR_end.PNG
    SCA, a global company, based in Sweden, develops paper distribution products. SCA wanted to provide a new way to advertise on their products, utilizing the newest technology. From this desire, the Xpress Nap AD-a-Glance was born. The first of its kind, the AD-a-Glance allows businesses to turn their paper product dispenser into a marketing tool. Companies can create their own design or download one of the templates available from SCA. Being driven by the success of the Xpress Nap AD-a-Glance, SCA wanted to step into the Augmented Reality (AR) ring and commissioned Balance Studios to create a prototype that would bring their Xpress Nap to the next level.

    Balance Studios created the game, InvadAR, to showcase the abilities in the prototype. Imagine dining out at a café in your bustling hometown. Your children are getting restless and all you want is to get through the meal without any temper tantrums. You turn to see InvadAR on the napkin holder at your table. Utilizing your camera-enabled device, you activate the game and hand it to your children. You are able to enjoy your dinner in peace as they escape to space, shooting alien ships and taking down the octopus boss. Embracing the technology of today, companies can let consumers experience their brand and interact with it to create lasting connections.


    Our multi-disciplined on-site team of AR creators can provide you with the comprehensive AR services:

    Strategy Planning - If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you get there

    • Brainstorming concepts, applications, and user experiences
    • Determine technologies and integration with other media formats
    • Proof of concept prototyping

    Creative Direction - Mind-blowing AR requires bigger-than-life ideas

    • User Experience (UEX) Design
    • App Design
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design

    Technical Services & Implementation - Bringing it all to life

    • 2D and 3D content creation & animation
    • Customized AR effects
    • Video Production & Editing
    • Green Screen Production
    • Image Recognition & Tracking
    • Kinect and Webcam-driven 'Magic-Mirror' AR
    • Gaming Level Design & Mechanics
    • Custom Content Management System and Integration
    • Sound Design
    • SLAM
    • API Integration

    Customer Support - Make sure everyone knows about it and validate that they do

    • Social Sharing
    • Content Management Services
    • Analytics reporting and data mining
    • App Store Publishing
    • Maintenance

    Do you need more than just AR?

    We know it is not just the about the App! We need to help you tell folks about it too.

    To aid in the ideation, creation and development of a fused, comprehensive and branded campaign, we will give a shout out to Balance’s other media divisions: Advanced Interactive Development, Animation/Visual FX, and Motion Media.

    What can they do? Well...a lot!

    And efficiently too...

    At Balance we believe in the 'multi-purposing of assets' philosophy. That means, once we create an asset (a model, design, video, etc) let’s have fun figuring out how many times we can use it – strategically, of course. This works to keep budgets down and to maintain brand consistencies across multiple platforms.

    • Concept Ideation & Brainstorming
    • Traditional Print Design
    • 3D & 2D Animation
    • Websites
    • Mobile sites
    • e-Commerce Applications
    • App Design & Development
    • Virtual Worlds
    • Mobile and Online games
    • Custom Content Management Systems
    • Digital Video Production
    • Social Media
    • e-Zines
    • Blogs

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    What is Augmented Reality?
    Through the use of a camera enabled smart phones and tablets, Augmented Reality is an environment where a real life element is enhanced by superimposing virtual elements (such as gaming, animation graphics, audio, etc) on top of it in real time, exceeding the bounds of physical reality.

    Or more simply stated: AR uses a real life visual target to launch and interact with an “invented” virtual reality. The resulting mashup between real and virtual is typically created via an app that utilizes video, audio, 2D and 3-D graphics and animation, and gaming mechanic assets. AR occurs in real time through the use of camera enabled smart phones and tablets.
    What is an image target?
    The Image Target is a 2D printed image needed to actuate the Augmented Reality App experience.

    Once you have the printed image, just download the corresponding App and install the App on your device. Once installed on your device, select the App, the App will engage your device’s camera, then point at the Image Target to start the interactive engagement.

    What kinds of things can I use as a target?
    Virtually anything that you can see, touch and feel can function as an AR target. Balance has launched augmented reality apps via point of sale signage, posters, beverage coasters, books, magazines, toys, product labels, catalogues, direct mail, calendars… what CAN’T be used as an image target may be a better question :-).

    What platforms do you develop for?
    iOS, Android, and Windows

    What to look for in a good AR product:
    Creativity, User Engagement, Quality, Stable Tracking

    What is Image Recognition & Tracking?
    This can be defined as ‘traditional’ AR (if that is possible yet :-) ). The ability to recognize and track a 2D printed image (image target) via a camera enabled smart devices and place virtual content on top of it in Real Time.

    What is SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping)?
    The ability to construct a 3D map of an unknown environment based on the environments volume, then tracking this 3D space allowing the visualization of virtual content. In other words – printed image targets or known markers are not needed because the environment around you is tracked.

    What are some AR trends and predictions?
    With the immersion of mobile technology and the up-and-coming ‘wearables’, like Google Glass, AR is on the trajectory of becoming the world’s 8th Mass Medium forever changing the way we interact with the world around us. Be ready – because we will be as we move into HMD AR Eyewear (Google GLASS, Vuzix M100, Epson Moverio) development.


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